Naked (nagna) yoga it’s a thing

Nagna (naked) yoga is a growing trend among modern practitioners, but it isn’t new. The Sadhus is India have engaged as a part of their spiritual life for centuries. In the sixties hippies did naked yoga. Now ordinary everyday yogis and yoginis can be found doing yoga sans clothing. Yoga challenges have become common on Instagram.

Yogis report physical benefits of naked yoga, like freedom of movement from restrictive clothing and body awareness in the postures. Nagna yoga can have many psychological benefits as well.

If you are going to a naked yoga class you will still need something to wear on the way there. We have added four new yoga tops added to the store today celebrating nagna yoga and the shakti it can bring. If want to be a part of the nagna yoga tribe just lose your clothes and get on your mat. If you already are a part of the nagna yoga tribe or not visit the yoga collection to see more gear to share your naked yoga practice.

Feature image By Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY 3.0, Link

About the author: EarlD
Teaching a variety of styles of hatha vinyasa yoga since 2010. Practicing clothes almost as soon as I started doing yoga.

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