What does it mean to have a nude (nagna) yoga practice

About the author: bex
I believe yoga is for everyone. I see yoga as an inner personal practice that seeks to connect or reconnect the mind-body link. When I practice yoga, I listen to what my body tells me it needs. I send breath and energy throughout my body, but especially to the places that ask for my attention. In return my body responds with action, movement and healing, as best as it can. I heal my body and my body heals me. As a yoga teacher, I hope to address concerns that prohibit or discourage people from trying yoga. By taking better care of the physical and mental needs of a community, the community can better respond with what will benefit itself. It is my lifelong plan to create a space for all people to practice yoga, but especially for people of color and those who find themselves on the margins, so they too may find their breath, turn within and understand how just doing that simple act on a daily basis can benefit them in myriad ways.

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