‘I dared to try a nude yoga class. Here’s what happened.’ (via Mamamia)

Yes, it involves downward dog.

As humans, there is something about seeing the word ‘nude’ in the title of any (normally clothed) activity that makes our heart beat much faster than usual.

Care for a little nude gardening? How about a round of nude golf, or a terrifying game of nude bowling? And don’t even start with that Dating Nakedshow, where potential lovers are forced on first dates… without a stitch of clothing… on television. It’s a heinous crime against humanity, and my eyeballs.

So when my friend Bonnie told me she was going to a nude yoga class on the weekend, I wanted to hide under the couch and hyperventilate for a while. But deep down, I was also a bit jealous of her confidence to try it, because nude yoga takes some serious balls (ahem).

Source: Mamamia

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