Sofia Hayat shares bold picture to promote ‘naked yoga’, says being without shame is most beautiful [Photos] (via International Business Times, India Edition)

Sofia Hayat posted two photos on Instagram, in which she is seen wrapping herself with a spiritual garment, sans innerwear.

Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat is very popular on social media for her sizzling pictures on Instagram. The controversial diva now posted a semi-nude photo of herself, promoting “naked yoga”.

Source: International Business Times, India Edition

I Took a Naked Yoga Class and It Was Actually Awesome (via Rally)

This naked yoga class not just offers meditation and pilates exercises, but a space to embrace self-compassion and body positivity, sans clothes.

“I’m taking a naked yoga class this week,” I told my friend at happy hour.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” she said earnestly. “It sounded like you said ‘naked yoga’.”

This exact exchange occurred three times in the days leading up to my Naked in Motion yoga class, held at a private residence in Brooklyn.

Source: Rally

A Yoga Teacher Breaks Down Exactly How To Ease Into Naked Yoga & Why It’s SO Worth It (via Elite Daily)

In the past, yoga was mostly associated with sun salutations, savasana, and serenity — a way to mindfully move your body and intentionally clear your mind. Nowadays, though, there are so many variations to the ancient practice, including goat yoga, aerial yoga, and my personal favorite, practicing yoga in your one and only birthday suit. Yes, you read that correctly, my friends. And believe it or not, the benefits of naked yoga are extensive, so prepare to strip down and tune into your body for a deeply connective and seriously empowering experience.

Source: Elite Daily

French nudists let it all hang out for naked yoga at annual naturists’ picnic in Paris park (via The Sun)

A GROUP of French nudists let it all hang out over the weekend – practising naked yoga in a Parisian park for the annual naturists’ picnic.

Men and women of all ages can be seen bending into yoga poses of all forms.

On this special day for nudists, people across the nudist area of the park strolled around in the buff.

A few hundred naturists gathered for this naked day in the sun – it started with yoga then continued with a picnic and a snooze in the grass.

The section of the park they were in was a designated nudist area, accessible from mid-April to mid-October.

Source: The Sun

My Experience with Anxiety, Depression & Nudity

While I am not an expert in anxiety and depression, I am an expert on how anxiety and depression manifest themselves in my body. I am choosing to share my story with you in the hopes you may find something useful as you consider your nude yoga practice. So take what serves and leave the rest behind. There is plenty of research that shows a strong correlation between immobility and stagnation in the body and symptoms of anxiety and depression. For me, each pair becomes the chicken and the egg. When I’m less active and in a rut, my symptoms flare. When I feel myself in the throes of anxiety and depression, I become immobile. I have learned that the only way to interrupt the cycle is to move my body. Sometimes this is no easy feat. My thoughts tell me to stay still, that movement is pointless and painful. My body agrees. I have learned to listen to neither, and to do what is best for both, in spite of their objections. I have to do the very opposite of what I am inclined to do. As Mel Robbins instructs, 5-4-3-2-1!

Practicing yoga at home, in the same spot, can become routine and boring. And routine and boring are not what is needed to stave off anxiety and depression. This is where a home practice sans apparel can make a difference. When I began to practice nude, I did so for several reasons. The first being that I found the clothing mildly irritating. Having to readjust my yoga pants after every forward fold seemed silly to have to do at home by myself. So off they came. On another day, I was about to shower and thought wait, I can do a few sun salutations before I jump in. I found that without clothes I was less distracted.

Another reason I practiced nude was that I realized practicing felt more meditative, special, even intimate. I was honoring my body. Honoring it in spite of my feelings, thoughts and beliefs about my body. It bears repeating, I have learned to listen to neither my anxiety nor my depression, but to do what is best for my mind and body, in spite of their objections. Move and breathe, breathe and move, rinse and repeat. I soon become aware my inner critic is a bit quieter, nope, she starts up again, so I keep moving and breathing, back to the mat, back to the right now.
This is how I started my nude practice. As I continued, I experienced more residual benefits. With consistency, I began to look forward to my time with myself on the mat. I found myself needing to practice, needing to remove layers of protection and distraction and get back to a sense of reconnection. Recognizing, reconnecting, and renewing my sense of self. I gradually began to lessen my grip on my identification with anxiety and depression. Still ever present, but further away in the closet of my psyche. I now know I have an arsenal of tools of protection at my disposal. One of them is my nude practice.

Yoga Undressed -Celebrate the Body In Its Most Sacred Form – Yoga Undressed – Blog – The Beauty & Power of Getting Naked (via

We recently chanced upon‘s reasons why they love getting naked, and their article sparked a few of our own.

Here are our top 5, but and there are so many more.

1. Feeling of complete and utter freedom–JOY!

2. Appreciation for the body, it’s endless wonders–the mere fact that we have one! The curves, connections, senses, and of course, the skin, for when it’s uncovered, we can actually see all of it (especially if we have a mirror handy), or through the eyes of a lover.

3. A sense of true oneness with the self


‘I dared to try a nude yoga class. Here’s what happened.’ (via Mamamia)

Yes, it involves downward dog.

As humans, there is something about seeing the word ‘nude’ in the title of any (normally clothed) activity that makes our heart beat much faster than usual.

Care for a little nude gardening? How about a round of nude golf, or a terrifying game of nude bowling? And don’t even start with that Dating Nakedshow, where potential lovers are forced on first dates… without a stitch of clothing… on television. It’s a heinous crime against humanity, and my eyeballs.

So when my friend Bonnie told me she was going to a nude yoga class on the weekend, I wanted to hide under the couch and hyperventilate for a while. But deep down, I was also a bit jealous of her confidence to try it, because nude yoga takes some serious balls (ahem).

Source: Mamamia

Curious to try naked yoga? Read this first (via Power of Positivity: Positive Thinking & Attitude)

Curious to try naked yoga? Read how it is different from clothed yoga and what the advantages and disadvantages are of trying it…

Yoga has been popular in the United States for some time now, and you’ve probably heard all about its benefits. It’s a great low-impact exercise that improves flexibility and core strength, and it’s an excellent way to relax and meditate. There has even been a trend in more recent years toward naked yoga, and while some have written this off as a new-age fad, there may be some real benefits to attending a yoga class in the nude.

Source: Power of Positivity: Positive Thinking & Attitude