I Took a Naked Yoga Class and It Was Actually Awesome (via Rally)

This naked yoga class not just offers meditation and pilates exercises, but a space to embrace self-compassion and body positivity, sans clothes.

“I’m taking a naked yoga class this week,” I told my friend at happy hour.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” she said earnestly. “It sounded like you said ‘naked yoga’.”

This exact exchange occurred three times in the days leading up to my Naked in Motion yoga class, held at a private residence in Brooklyn.

Source: Rally

Introducing the Nagan Yoga Club team – Meet Luna Phoenix

In our practice, we start with an “unmasking ceremony”. In the “Unmasking Ceremony”, we remove our clothing in two parts as in layers to unveil the third mask of ours, (the TRUE SELF). We use the clothing as a symbol of the masks we place on ourselves to function with our responsibilities in the different circles we participate in. This ceremony allows you to go through a transition to alleviate any anxieties one may have to practicing Nagna Yoga.

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